A view looking north in the
John Lohmann CT River Preserve.


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Properties Overview

The Old Lyme Land Trust owns over 70 properties covering over 1,000 acres of land in Old Lyme. For reference, Old Lyme as a whole consists of about 16,000 acres of land, 4,000 of which are considered wetlands, which includes lakes, ponds, streams, marshes and bogs.

The following are the largest OLLT parcels accessible for the public with parking and trails. Click on each property name for more information:

Lay Preserve 1   185 acres
Upper Three Mile River Preserve 2   157 acres
The George & Woodward H. Griswold Preserve 3   51 acres
The Jericho Preserve 4   50 acres
The Lohmann Buck Twining Preserve 5   46 acres
The Boggy Hole Preserve 6   44 acres
The Mile Creek Preserve 7   44 acres
Hatchetts Hill Preserve 8   44 acres
John Lohmann CT River Preserve 9   40 acres
The Hoffman-Matthiessen-DeGerenday Preserve 10   40 acres
The Goberis Chadwick Preserve 11   25.8 acres
Elizabeth B. Karter Watch Rock Preserve 12   25.3 acres
Bob & Esther Heller Preserve 13   15.8 acres
Belton Copp Preserve 14   4 acres

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Property Overview Map

Note: The property map below is intended for basic orientation only. Please refer to the descriptions and location maps on each property page for detailed location and directions to each OLLT property.

Click each property number on the map to go the corresponding property page.


Old Lyme Town Map Boggy Hole Preserve

Visitor Rules

Giving the OLLT properties the care and respect they deserve requires the full participation of all who visit and enjoy them. By following these simple rules you will help us to preserve these lands for generations to come:
No littering — Always carry out what you carry in; please bring a bag for your garbage.
No hunting
No Motorized Vehicles — All Terrain Vehicles. Trails get damaged and pose risks for hikers.
Watch your pet — Keep dogs under your control at all times. Please clean up after them to keep the trails pleasant for people who follow.
Don't wander — Stay on the trails and do not trespass on adjacent properties.
Respect property — Do not camp, start fires, mark trees or collect plants or minerals.

OLLT preserves are open from dawn to dusk. You are welcome to visit any of our properties during daylight hours.

Coyote Alert

Coyotes have been sighted on some of our properties. While wonderful to observe, coyotes have been known to prey on small dogs, particularly during breeding season, so please follow our visitor rules about keeping dogs under control and staying on trails. And please report to us any sightings in our preserves. For more information on safety, refer to Living with Coyotes on the CT DEEP website.