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Jericho Preserve

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A conservation hike through rocky Jerico Preserve.

Jericho Preserve

This 50-acre preserve was bequeathed to the Trust by Mary Steube when she died in 1999. Next to the preserve is a fieldstone-clad house, also bequeathed to the Trust by Mary Steube. The preserve has beautiful ridges, ledge outcroppings and woodlands as well as vernal pools.


The Jericho Preserve property is reached by the Boston Post Road and turning onto Whippoorwill Road. About one mile on the left just before you cross the bridge over Bucky Brook (Blackhall River), there is a driveway that leads to a house (Number 44). Near the beginning of the driveway, to the left, you fill find a parking area and the trailhead.

NOTE: The house, owned by the Trust and leased to tenants, is a private residence. No trespassing is allowed around the house or on the driveway. Parking is allowed only in the designated spots near the trailhead.

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The trail begins to the left of the trailhead and proceeds uphill, then turns north and follows the ridge. It then drops to a wood road. Turn right and follow the trail markers as the trail moves toward Bucky Brook, then turns north to the northern boundary of the property. The trail turns left up the hill, then drops down to a wood road which then heads south to the original wood road. Turn right on this wood road and follow it past a vernal pool on the right, then south along the ridge back to the start. Please observe the no trespassing/keep out signs that protect the house from unwanted visitors.

The trail distance is about a mile. Views from the ridge tops are dramatic and there are two or three vernal pools along the way. The walk takes about an hour.


Russ Fogg (860 434 5575) and Lea Harty

Please contact our steward if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this property or use our online Property Report Form.

The History of Jericho Preserve

Mary Steube, daughter of Clara Champlain Griswold and Woodward H. Griswold, was born in Old Lyme in 1910 and lived here until her death in 1998. She built the fieldstone house next to the preserve after the hurricane of 1938 and lived in it for much of her life. She loved the wildlife, plants and animals around the house and, in her will, donated the entire property to the Trust "to be preserved in its natural state for study, education and conservation purposes."

An extremely generous friend of the Trust, Mary Steube also donated the George and Woodward H. Griswold Preserve and a significant sum of money that the Trust has used to acquire other properties.