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Lohmann Buck Twining Preserve

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Glacial outcroppings the size of houses are common throughout Old Lyme.

Lohmann Buck Twining Preserve

The land, donated to the Trust in 2004 by John Lohmann of Old Lyme, the Twining Family Trust, and Edith Buck of Essex, is 46 acres including 2,000 feet of frontage on the Lieutenant River. The land is located on the west side of the Lieutenant River at the confluence of its two branches—one flowing south and the other flowing southwest from Roger’s Lake.

From the ridge there is a panaromic view of the Connecticut River to the west and wonderful views of the Lieutenant River to the east. The hike from the ridge down to the Lieutenant River is strenuous but the rewards are many, a possible sighting of a bald eagle being one of them.


Take route 156 north to Riverview Drive (right hand turn at mailbox on right hand side that says #79). Park at the sharp bend of the road.

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The trail starts straight ahead from the parking area and goes up the knoll, then turns right and shortly thereafter left again, down the hill to the Lieutenant River at the south end of the preserve. The trail follows the edge of the marsh north for about 900 feet, then heads up (look for arrows to show the turns) to the top of the ridge, where it turns south toward the start, passing a 50 foot side path to a fantastic overlook to the west along the way.


Hank Golet (860 434 9302) and Edie Twining

Please contact our steward if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this property or use our online Property Report Form.


Click Here  to download to Hank's list of birds and other animals he's seen on this property - try to see if you can spot them too (you can print the list and bring it with you).

History of Lohmann Buck Twining Preserve

Preservation of the property began over 40 years before it was donated to the Trust. The story is that John Lohmann, a founder of the Old Lyme Land Trust, literally stopped the bulldozers in their tracks when a developer started to cut an access road into the forest. In order to protect it, Lohmann, along with Kingsley "Bud" Twining, an early officer and trustee of the Trust, and Bud's sister, Edith Buck, purchased the property. In his father's later years, Alex Twining, Bud's son, worked with Essex attorney Campbell Hudson to carry out his father's dream, which was the permanent preservation of the land.

The donation was structured to give a conservation easement to The Nature Conservancy. At the time of the donation, Nathan Frohling, the Geoffrey C. Hughes director of The Nature Conservancy's Lower Connecticut River Program, had this to say: "This is a beautiful and environmentally pivotal piece of land in a priority area for us, so we are just thrilled...This is the result of local activists with real conservation vision, and we are very pleased to work with the Old Lyme Conservation Trust to protect this land." The land is less than half a mile south of 56 acres that The Nature Conservancy purchased from the family of renowned ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson in 2002.


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