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Boggy Hole Preserve

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Boggy Hole Preserve

The land, 45.2 acres, was donated to the Trust in 1993 by Ct. Galaxy Properties, Inc. Some of the property is wet and is part of what was known historically as "Boggy Hole." At its westerly border, the preserve adjoins the Town-owned Champlain North Preserve, and one can walk through the woods and wetlands between Wyckoff and Boggy Hill Roads along OLLT and Town trails. The name of the preserve was recently changed from Galaxy Preserve to Boggy Hole Preserve.


The Boggy Hole Preserve is reached from the Boston Post Road, turning onto Boggy Hole Road. Look for the OLLT sign on the right side of Boggy Hill Road at the end of some undeveloped property and before turning on to Laurel Road. The OLLT sign marks the trailhead.

A second access point is from the Boston Post Road, turning at Rose Lane and taking a right at Hillwood West to the cul-de-sac, where you can park. Head south on foot until you meet the perimeter trail along the stone wall. Continue east along the stone wall until you reach the corner of the stone walls. Directly east of this point is the start of the preserve.

A third access can be reached by turning off the Boston Post Road onto Wyckoff Road next to the Old Lyme Inn. Park at the end and walk to the huge oak tree, a distance of 200 hundred yards. This is the Town-owned Champlain North property. Turn north on the trail and walk about three hundred yards to the northern boundary of the town property, then right along that boundary about four hundred yards until the trail turns sharply south along the ridge. The OLLT property begins at this corner and extends to the north in an hour glass shape.

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The loop trail is well-marked and connects with the Town of Old Lyme Champlain North property. There is extensive marshland on the property in which wildlife can be seen.


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