Mile Creek Map

Mile Creek Preserve

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Mile Creek Preserve

This 44-acre parcel of land was donated to the Trust in 1973 by William and Connie Pike and was the first of our major preserves. Connie Pike was honored with the Trust's Land Saver award for her very generous donation. The preserve is a secluded woodland with wetlands created by Swan Brook and vernal pools. You might see turkey, deer, amphibians and other wildlife here.


The Mile Creek Preserve has a trailhead located next to the mailbox at 191 Mile Creek Road on the east side of the road, .2 miles west of Mile Creek School. A small parking area is near the trailhead.

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The loop trail follows the stone wall about four hundred feet, then turns north along the edge of the marsh about three hundred feet where it turns to the right until it comes to the marshy area. There it turns north about four hundred feet. At this point, the trail crosses the marsh and the small stream flowing through it (Swan Brook) to the other side where it heads south along the edge of the marsh for about three hundred yards. Then it turns to the right across the stream back to the starting point. The loop is about a mile and the walk takes about forty minutes.


Ronald Lee (860 434 1311), Cynthia Kovak (860 434 2777), and Bobbie Padgett.

Please contact our steward if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this property or use our online Property Report Form.