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John Lohmann CT River Preserve

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Fall colors enhance the natural beauty of John Lohmann CT River Preserve.

John Lohmann CT River Preserve

This spectacular 42-acre tract in the northwest corner of Old Lyme with frontage on Lord Cove in the Connecticut River was bequeathed to the Trust by John Lohmann. Lohmann, who died in 2005, was a dedicated conservationist who co-founded OLLT, led the effort to save Watch Rock from development and donated to OLLT, along with Bud Twining and Emay Buck, the 46-acre Lohmann-Buck-Twining Preserve on the Lieutenant River.

The Trust will keep the bulk of the preserve in its open and park-like condition as prescribed by John Lohmann’s will. It was Lohmann himself who, over a period of years, cut down the overgrown forest to create the lovely terraced fields that now slope down to the river. His model was the landscaped public preserves that he had admired in England when he served there during World War II.


The property is accessed from a trailhead located at 33 Coult Lane, off Neck Road. You may park along Coult Lane but out of consideration for the residents, please do not block driveways or park directly across from driveways on the opposite side of the road. The property can also be accessed from the river by kayak or canoe.

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The access trail ascends from Coult Lane, passes through a red cedar grove, and brings you to a stone wall from which you first view the fields. A white-marked trail leads across the fields in a westerly direction toward the river; then wends its way south, north and south in a series of traverses before ending at Whaleback point. The point affords magnificent views of Lords Cove and the Connecticut River.

Other unmarked trails can be walked on the preserve, but beware: at least one of them is shared with horses.


Ted Mundy (860 434 5674) and Anne Galliher.

Please contact our steward if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this property or use our online Property Report Form.