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Goberis Chadwick Preserve

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Grave of the 2-day old daughter of Ruben and Martha Chadwick, born in 1768

Goberis Chadwick Preserve

This 25-acre parcel was donated to the Trust in 1998 by Theodora Goberis. The property is bordered on one side by Armstrong Brook and features wetlands, rock ledge, huge boulders and stone walls. The preserve is alive with the sounds of spring peepers and bullfrogs in the early spring. Red-tailed hawk and other wildlife can be spotted there year round.


The Goberis Chadwick Preserve is located off Shore Road (Route 156) in South Lyme. Drive up the gravel driveway at 372 Shore Road to a parking area on the left. Take care to avoid stumps and rocks in the parking area. Please do not trespass on the driveway and the property that belongs to the private house on the right.

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There is a loop trail with moderate changes in elevation that takes about 45 minutes to walk. In some sections, the trail runs along stone walls and Armstrong Brook. There are also some shorter interior trails.


Charlie Beal (860 434 4628)

Please contact our steward if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding this property or use our online Property Report Form.

History of Goberis Chadwick Preserve

The preserve is named in memory of Theodora Goberis, who generously donated the property to The Old Lyme Land Trust, and in memory of the Chadwick infant and others whose graves are in the small cemetery next to the preserve.

Theodora Goberis

Theodora Goberis, or Teddy as she was known to her friends, was born in Hartford in 1917. She attended Norwich Free Academy High School and later graduated from Alfred University. As a member of the faculty of Norwich Free Academy, she was an art instructor for 44 years.
Ms. Goberis never married. She was a quiet, private person who lived a simple life. She loved her church and attended Mass every day. Her cottage at Point O’ Woods allowed her to enjoy Long Island Sound, where she was close to nature, loving birds and fish.

Ms. Goberis donated her property to The Old Lyme Land Trust in 1998. She died in 2006 at the age of 89.

Chadwick Family

In 1767, nine years prior to the Declaration of Independence, the marriage of Reuben Chadwick and Martha Miller took place in South Lyme. Thirteen months later, they had their first child, a daughter, who lived for only two days. The child’s name is unknown but her gravestone indicates that her first initial was A. The gravestone is located in a small cemetery bounded on three sides by the Goberis Chadwick Preserve. The cemetery also includes the graves of seven other people who names are unknown.

Reuben and Martha had at least seven other children. Reuben died in 1836 at age 95 and Martha lived about two months longer and died at age 86. They are both buried in the Duck River Cemetery. The Chadwick family was prominent at that time and later in the South Lyme area. They were initially farmers and later mariners and ship captains. Early Chadwick homes are still standing in Old Lyme on Four Mile River Road, Brown’s Lane and Mile Creek Road. In addition, Daniel Chadwick, who was a prominent ship captain, lived at what is now 31 Lyme Street.