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Belton Copp Preserve

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View of state-owned tidal marsh along the Belton Copp trail.

Belton Copp Preserve

This four-acre parcel on 14 Smith Neck Road was donated by Belton Copp, a founder of OLLT, lawyer, World War II veteran and conservationist. He was a trustee of the Conservation and Research Foundation which helped develop techniques for non-governmental entities (e.g. land trusts) to preserve land. The parcel sits on the upland edge of a 32-acre piece of tidal marsh owned by the State and affords views of sunrise on the marsh and the marsh wildlife.


The preserve is easy to find, down Smith Neck Road about a quarter of a mile on the left-hand side. Walk through the grassy clearing where you will find a granite bench donated by Genie Copp under a lone cedar tree. There you will find the beginning of the trail.

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The trail is a loop which wends its way through thickets and some old fruit trees to the tidal marsh, follows the edge of the marsh and then turns back towards the road. Along the way, and depending on the season, you may see and hear interesting birds including baby osprey.

Within this preserve you will find a grove of fairy houses made of seashells, rocks and bamboo and wind chimes hung from trees and miniature fairy gardens adorned with fanciful objects and creatures. Some of the artifacts were transported from the Whimsey Trail at Watch Rock. The Whimsey Walk was created many years ago by girl scouts Amy Lee and Allyson McCarthy but was damaged by Superstorm Sandy and closed down.

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