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OLLT Beaver Policy

Part of OLLT’s Mission is to protect wildlife and habitat in Old Lyme.

Beavers are an important component of the wildlife currently found in Old Lyme. They also provide habitat for a wide range of associated wildlife. We believe there is a place for the beaver on some of our holdings.

Beavers can transform habitat and, in the process, flood neighboring properties.

OLLT will assess beaver activity on its holdings on a case-by-case basis.

In situations where beaver activity and its impacts are located entirely on OLLT property, we are inclined to let the activity continue, depending on associated habitat impacts.

In the case where a neighboring property is flooded by beaver activity on an OLLT holding and that neighbor does not object, we are also inclined to let the activity continue.

In situations where a beaver on OLLT property is having negative impacts on a neighboring property or properties (e.g., flooding), we will take measures to mitigate the problem, including (the preferred option) non-lethal interventions such as installation of structures designed to limit the activity and impact of the beavers (e.g., “beaver deceiver”, outflow piping, etc.) If those should fail, we may ultimately resort to destruction of the dam or even trapping.

In situations where an OLLT holding is not impacted by the activities of beavers that dwell on the land of others, we respect the decisions of the affected landowners with respect to their management decisions in connection with those beavers.

In situations where OLLT determines that one of its holdings has been negatively impacted by beaver activity on a neighboring parcel, we may seek remedy as appropriate.


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