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Volunteers are at the very core of our success. We do not have paid staff. Trail maintenance, special events such as cruises on the Connecticut River and day-to-day management of our affairs are part of what volunteers can do. You may spend as much time as you want.

You may volunteer in many ways:

• Help with property maintenance as a work party member (see News & Events) or as a Steward of one of our preserves.
• Help with events: set up, provide food and refreshments.
• Provide a special skill: photography, writing, technical expertise, woodworking, fund-raising etc.
• Contribute photos, drawings, stories, histories or other content for our website or for Tributaries.
• Conduct a program related to nature, ecology, the environment, etc.
• Serve on the Board of Trustees or on one of our committees.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to keep Old Lyme as beautiful as it is today!
Send your name and contact information along with any special interests you have to:

Volunteer Stewards Program

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The Old Lyme Land Trust invites you to participate in our Volunteer Stewards Program. Perhaps you live close by one of our properties or you just enjoy being outdoors on a   regular basis. Please join us to help care for our preserves in Old Lyme.

Contact Us if you are interested in being a steward.

Role and responsibilities of a Volunteer Steward:

1. Get to know your property and visit it regularly, keeping an eye out for hazards, encroachments, litter and invasives. Identify opportunities for positive improvements, such as new trails and signage, expanded parking, etc.

2. Get to know the borders of your property. OLLT has resources to assist you in locating border markers and other landmarks. We can organize work crews to assist with placing new or renewing old markers.

3. Know your neighbors. The neighbors of our preserves benefit directly and indirectly from OLLT’s presence. You should engage them and keep them informed of OLLT activities and enlist their help for preserve maintenance.

4. Document your work. The Property Report Form is a good way to communicate your needs or concerns.


David Muckle and and other scouts install a trail sign at the Heller Preserve.



Anyone who is interested in the work we do can serve as a volunteer on our committees.

Contact OLLT if you are interested in working with us.

The following committees currently manage the day-to-day work of OLLT:


Investigates potential property purchases. This includes walking selected properties, talking with land owners and commencing the purchase process, if a property is deemed to be a viable candidate.


Performs work on properties with particular emphasis on trail maintenance, keeping them open and safe. We also blaze new trails on acquired or existing properties.


Co-ordinates educational outreach for the public including participation in events such as Old Lyme Days (town fair in July), Earth Day and special events such as a “Swallows Cruise” on the Connecticut River in the fall.  


Manages OLLT’s financial assets, including our endowment. It also advises on decisions to purchase property.


Responsible for soliciting new members and maintaining our existing membership.